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1. In charge of Móvil Renta:

• Maintenance
• Replacement of the car breakdown or accident:
   a) Immediately in our office
   b) Within 24 hours outside our office
   c) The replacement car will be the same or similar features to the original lease.
• Liability insurance to third transported and / or not shipped, damaged goods
and / or individuals to $ 3,000,000.-
• Mechanical assistance, health and trailer 24 hours.

2. In charge of client:

• Fuel
• Traffic Fines
• Surplus
• Tolls
• Drop-off Charges
• Franchises for missing, damage, theft and / or rollover:
   - The customer is responsible for the following values according to the rental vehicle.

CategoryInsurance by Missing, Damage and TheftBy overturning
A - B - D
H - I - J - K
R - S - X
$ 30,000
$ 55,000
$ 85,000
$ 120,000
$ 180,000
$ 300,000

3. Reduction of excess:

• The customer can reduce your excess liability of paying additional insurance according to the following table:

CategoryInsurance DeductibleInsurance by Missing, Damage and Theft Reduce toBy overturning
A - B - D
H - I - J - K
R - S - X
$ 200 per day
$ 300 per day
$ 300 per day
$ 15.000
$ 25.000
$ 40.000
$ 120,000
$ 180,000
$ 300,000

Values include I.V.A.

To reduce the excess of the monthly rent the customer must pay the equivalent of 18 days of additional insurance under the category of self-assigned.

• It will be the sole responsibility of the customer any damage to the vehicle caused by misuse, neglect, or non-observance of preventive mechanisms of the unit (sound or light signals), crude rivers, and / or driving on dirt roads, gravel, sand or other non-paved, but the cost exceeds the exemption, exempting Mobile Rental vehicle immobilization produced by these cases, any liability for delays, losses, expenses and replacement of the vehicle. This obligation includes warranty and any damage or violation by any person using the vehicle during the term of the lease.

4. Requirements for the driver:

• Drivers must be over 25 years of age, have valid driver's license and identity card updated.
• To remove an order must be submitted a credit card (Visa, American Express, Diners, Mastercard, etc.).

5. Missing Fuel:

• Móvil Renta surplus charge the customer service should he not return a rental car with the same fuel as was originally delivered.

6. Delivery of the vehicle:

• The customer will be responsible for the content and detail charges in the act of returning the car, when he delivered the same, outside of opening hours or within such time when they await the return of the document and verification the vehicle.

7. Notice of Cancellation of confirmed booking:

• If the customer has a confirmed reservation and need to stop this car is very important that you inform Income Mobile as early as possible. This way you can confirm that rent mobile vehicle to another person and rationalize their resources and to continue providing a better service.

8. Rate airports:

• Rents will NOT be taken in Airports booking fees for airport tax.

Rental Terms and Conditions   

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