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Móvil Renta is a car, utility and 4x4 rental company without driver.

We started our activity in 1.971 (48 years). For this reason, we figured among the pioneers of the activity in Argentina.

Our longevity in the field, has enabled us to accumulate and capitalize the expertise to provide service with optimum safety levels.

When we talk about security levels, we refer to:

    * Service: specialized care by our staff, immediate replacement of damaged units or services. Timely delivery and cleaning units. We service Mapfre Mechanical Emergencies 24 hours.

    * Maintenance: at our expense, with scheduled preventive services in capital cities or in remote areas.

    * Insurance: Mapfre company contracted with international reinsurance. The annual premium payment is effected by prepayment. We hired coverage for "rental car without a driver", which gives peace of mind to the user / client with regard to the risks of solidarity by the CLC.

    * Documentation: vehicles deliver documentation and payment of taxes in order, avoiding possible delays at roadblocks.

Currently our own fleet (over 250 units, cars, pickups and 4x4) is the widest in the north of Argentina, and the most modern: 2018/2019, renewed every 6 months. All in the name of Brunet SA, which differentiates us from contractors that arise occasionally isolated.

Our company is a strategic partner with leading regional rental companies, allowing us to easily coordinate the maintenance of a fleet across the country.



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