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A system that will allow your company to obtain financial and tax advantages, at cost and service level.

We are the first car rental company, created for companies and formed by people who know the needs that they have.

  If you are thinking of renewing your fleet, making a contract of employment
  for a limited time, submitted a tender for forming a joint venture works, etc.,
  please contact us, outsourcing is a service fleet Business on the move.

Advantages and benefits of long term rental:

Better use of capidal, avoiding detention or release of the same creditworthiness.

It offers significant tax benefits: tax credit for monthly payment of the fee, reductions in the asset, liabilities and debts in the payment of Income Tax.

Forget paying: Patents, Insurance, Transfer, Maintenance, Taxes, etc.

It offers a budget closed to avoid confusing accounting dispersed costs.

Provides cost estimates eliminating unexpected: FLEET RESERVE, etc.

Structure need not own or third party for maintenance.

Avoid administrative staff to control the fleet.

No immobilized or units to absorb temporary requirements.

It always has a fleet of no more than 12 months, according to the image of your company.

Immediate replacement of the unit for services, damages or claims.

It offers assistance in the main cities through a rental network.

   Get rid of the operating costs of your own fleet, choose MOVIL RENTA Rent a Car, the first step in getting your company moving.
   Please contact us through the section: Corporate Benefits and Frequently Rentals.

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